Mossman Gorge & Cape Tribulation

7 Hours - Departs 8:30am
18 - 35

    Explore the magnificent and untouched World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, the oldest living rainforest in the world at 160 million years, with Daintree Tours.

    Enjoy interesting and entertaining commentary from our passionate Daintree Tours' guides throughout the day, a walk at Mossman Gorge, Cape Tribulation, secluded lunch site with an opportunity to swim in a fresh rainforest creek and an estuarine crocodile and wildlife river cruise exploring the Cooper Creek waterway.

    Cape Tribulation is well known for 'where the rainforest meets the reef' and you will have an opportunity to stroll along the Kulki Boardwalk and enjoy the views over Cape Tribulation beach.

    Daintree Tours vehicles are comfortable, spacious and offer great visibility from every seat. The Mercedes Sprinters carry 11 passengers, a great sized group for experiencing this natural wonder.

    • Lunch
    • Morning Tea
    • Pick up and drop off from Port Douglas accommodation



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